630A 20KA Vacuum Interrupter for Circuit Breaker
  • Air Pro630A 20KA Vacuum Interrupter for Circuit Breaker
  • Air Pro630A 20KA Vacuum Interrupter for Circuit Breaker

630A 20KA Vacuum Interrupter for Circuit Breaker

630A 20KA vacuum interrupter for circuit breaker is designed according to all IEC, ANSI and GB certified high-quality vacuum valves with long service life - 250000 switching operations. Users will appreciate the noise free and flash free vacuum interrupter with rated line to line voltage and short-circuit current rating.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction

The 630A 20KA Vacuum interrupter for circuit breaker is a kind of high-voltage vacuum electrical component with vacuum as insulation and arc extinguishing medium. It uses the principle of arc extinguishing at the moment of current zero crossing to realize current breaking. Vacuum interrupter is the heart of vacuum switch and an indispensable part of vacuum switch.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)

Main Technical Specification
Parameter name Unit Value
1 Rated frequency Hz 50
2 Rated Voltage kV 12
3 Rated short-time(1min) power-frequency withstand voltage kV 42/48★
4 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage(Peak) kV 85
5 Rated Current A 630
6 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 20/25
7 Rated short-circuit making current kA 50/63
8 Rated short-time withstand current kA 20/25
9 Rated peak withstand current kA 50/63
10 Breakding operations of rated short circuit breaking current Times 30
11 Circuit resistance at lowest rated contact force μΩ ≤25
12 Rated duration of short-circuit s 4
13 Closing force due to bellow and atmosphere N 80±30
14 Force required to hold contacts open at full stroke N 100±40
15 Mechanical endurance Times 10000
16 Contacts limit erosion mm 3
17 Storage life years 20
Mechanical date of matching switchgear
1 Clearance between open contacts mm 9±1
2 Average opening speed (0~75% contact gap) m/s 1.1±0.2
3 Average closing speed(30% contact gap-contact close position) m/s 0.7±0.2
4 Rated added external contact final force N 1800±100
5 Contact bouncing duration at closing operation ms ≤2
6 Closing and Opening non-simultaneity of three-phase contacts ms ≤1
7 Maximum Rebound during opening mm ≤2
Meets or exceeds the electrical endurance requirements of
class E2 for autoreclosing duty per IEC 62271-100 and GB1984-2014
Note:“★”Within transformer oil or equivalent isolation medium

3. Product Feature and Application

777 electrical brand vacuum interrupter adopts corrugated ceramic insulation shell and copper tungsten tungsten carbide alloy material.

The 630A 20KA Vacuum interrupter for circuit breaker process flow makes the vacuum interrupter have the advantages of small volume, high insulation level, low closing value, long service life and convenient maintenance. The 630A 20KA Vacuum interrupter for circuit breaker is mainly used in power transmission and distribution control system and metallurgical industry. Mining, petroleum, chemical industry, railway, broadcasting, communication, industrial high-frequency heating and other power distribution systems.

4. Product Details

The 630A 20KA Vacuum interrupter for circuit breaker process is the core component of the breaking part of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker.

Generally speaking, this is a satisfactory conductor power supply, and the current is interrupted immediately in case of overload and short-circuit fault to ensure insulation.

It is the most ideal arc extinguishing device.

5. Product Qualification

630A 20KA Vacuum interrupter for circuit breaker process: CE, CCC, CQC, IP68, ISO9001-2015

Realize zero defect of products and wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality products with stable quality, reliable performance and high added value.

6. Deliver,Shipping and Serving

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7. FAQ

Q1: Are you a trading company or factory?

A1:We are factory with more than 10 years experience in this field.

Q2: how about the quality control in your factory?

A2: all products will be 100% inspected before shipment.

Q3: When can I get the price?

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Q4: What is the acceptable payment term?

A4: Credit Card, West Union, Paypal or T/T.

Q5: How could I get a sample?

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