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Features of vacuum interrupters

①The contact opening distance is small, the contact opening distance of 10KV vacuum interrupter is only about 10mm, the operation work of the operating mechanism is small, the mechanical part stroke is small, and its mechanical life is long.
② The arcing time is short and has nothing to do with the size of the switching current, generally only half a cycle.
③ After the arc is extinguished, the recovery speed of the contact gap medium is fast, and the performance of breaking near-zone faults is good.
④Because the contact wears less when breaking the current, the electrical life of the contact is long, the full capacity breaking is 30-50 times, the rated current breaking is more than 5000 times, and the noise is small and suitable for frequent operation.
⑤ Small size and light weight.

⑥ It is suitable for breaking capacitive load current.